Dear  ,

For too long now, developers and ops engineers have been left hanging without information through AWS outages. You use phrases like:

Degraded EBS performance in a single Availability Zone

We are experiencing elevated error rates with the EC2 Management Console.

We are investigating elevated errors rates for APIs in the US-EAST-1 (Northern Virginia) region, as well as connectivity issues to instances in a single availability zone.

You promise a post mortem and then use it to blame the outage on "unforseeable issues" like your backup of the backup generator failing?!?!?! What kind of datacenters are you running? Better yet, WHO is running them? I think you need to throw a little Chaos Monkey into your systems.

You use total bullshit images on the status board which convey no sense of urgency. Why do you use which is "service is operating normally" and "informational message" combined WHEN ALL MY SERVERS AND DATABASES ARE DOWN AND I AM LOSING MONEY BECAUSE OF YOU?!?!

I trust you with MY mission critical data and MY operations and every few months, your system decided to break down and suddenly 100,000's of users can't use their favorite services like Netflix, FourSquare, Heroku and my personal favorite, Reddit.

All we ask for (right now) is more information during these outages. Too many times now, I have just seen startups have to tweet things like "Our upstream infrastructure provider is having issues, they are investigating". Enough is enough!

You tell us to go Multi-AZ and distribute our servers but even if we do that, an entire REGION may go down and then you lie to us and say it's only a single availability zone

Please, heed our cries and STOP LYING TO US AMAZON and please, at least give us better status updates! It's the least you can do for all of us who give you tons of money every month for providing a very valuable service! oh, also if you could fix the issues with EBS which seems to be the starting domino of a crash that would be swell

Robert Trencheny (@Robbie)
Devops Engineer and enraged customer

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